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5 Keys to Positive Affirmations for Women in Business

February 28, 20249 min read

"Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition, loving emotions and feelings, will one day become our reality” -Lisa Marree


Have you tried reading positive affirmations for days on end and nothing changes?

You are not alone!!

I know WHY you tried, I have been there too. You just want your beautiful business and dream to unfold, for that fun freedom lifestyle, have financial flow, plus the impact of helping others transform. 

Truth Bomb!! FYI I am a neuro-nerd and quantum trainer also, so I LOVE this blog!!

Knowing what I know now, with years of neuroscience research, plus my own personal life and business success, I do want to reassure you there is a 'right way’ to use affirmations as a tool and there is the wrong way

In this blog, I am pulling back the curtain to expose some neuroscience behind positive affirmations to uncover the psychological mechanisms that make them such a powerful tool for growth and success in your beautiful Heart-Centred business. 

I’ll also share a few practical tips and strategies for using affirmations effectively, so you can cultivate a growth mindset to help overcome things like ‘Imposter Syndrome’ to attract your soul clients and multiply your income and impact.

Positive Affirmation Crusher...

Overwhelm Burnout Imposter Syndrome

Let’s address the elephant in the room first!

If you have been around for a minute online, when you are scrolling through your social media feed, bombarded by flashy ads promising overnight success and quick fixes for all your business woes, you might feel that heaviness in your chest, or sinking feeling in your gut? 

Yes, I have been there and it’s crushing to your self-esteem right?

In a world saturated with online noise and clickbait marketing, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, constantly questioning if we're doing enough or if we're even good enough.

But here's the thing – amidst all the chaos, what I am sharing with you about positive affirmations, to use it as the powerful tool it is, this is to help you stay grounded, focused, and aligned with your goals. 

I know you’re saying… “but Lisa, I have tried it, really tried, and it didn’t work”...

I get it, but done properly, it is transformational and I am going to hopefully help you understand what 'spaced repetition' of positive affirmations does to our subconscious when done in a POSITIVE FEELING STATE. That is the part you have to master.

So let's dive into the science behind why affirmations are more than just fluffy feel-good statements.

How to Change Your Brain

Positive Affirmations Change your brain change your life

You see, our brains are wired to respond to the thoughts and beliefs we feed them. It's called neuroplasticity – the brain's ability to rewire itself based on our experiences and behaviours. And when it comes to running a successful business, our mindset plays a crucial role in our ability to navigate challenges, stay resilient, and ultimately, achieve our goals.

Unfortunately, many of us have had some kind of trauma growing up, whether it was abusive parents, getting bullied at school or a number of other things that have formed our hard wired belief system. We can want all the positive things, but that subconscious software program running in the background is thousands of times more powerful than chanting affirmations and expecting things to change! 

Affirmations done properly, is a powerful reprogramming tool!

By consciously choosing and repeating positive statements that align with your vision and values, you can actually reprogram your brain to focus on the opportunities rather than the obstacles, and to believe in our own worthiness and capabilities.

But let's be real – it's not just about reciting a few affirmations and magically expecting everything to fall into place. It's about consistency, intention, and a deep-seated belief in your own potential. It's about quieting the noise of self-doubt and comparison, and tuning into the voice of confidence and self-assurance that already exits within you.

So if you're tired of the endless cycle of comparisonitis and imposter syndrome, and ready to reclaim your power and potential as the transformational Heart-Centred entrepreneur that you are, then you're in the right place. Let's dive into these big words and shine a light on the transformative power of positive affirmations together!

With that said, here are 5 Neuroscience Keys why Positive Affirmations help you thrive in life and business.

1. Reticular Activating System (RAS) Engagement

Positive Affirmations Mindset Motivation; Reticular Activating System

The RAS is a filter for incoming information in the brain (literally filtering millions of stimuli each day so we don’t go crazy!) Positive Affirmations can stimulate the RAS, so by consistently affirming positive beliefs and goals, you're effectively programming your RAS to notice opportunities and resources that align with those affirmations. This can enhance focus and awareness of opportunities relevant to your business.

Example: Think about a new car you wanted, then all of a sudden, you see that car everywhere. It was always there, now your brain (RAS) has filtered it into your awareness.

2. Neuroplasticity and Rewiring of Neural Pathways

Positive Affirmations; neuroplasticity; rewiring brain

Through repetition, positive affirmations can aid in the rewiring of neural pathways. When you consistently repeat positive affirmations, you strengthen the neural connections associated with those thoughts, making them more accessible and dominant in your mind. 

It takes 66 days to ‘hardwire’ a new neural pathway. So over time, this rewiring can help overwrite limiting beliefs with empowering ones. This in turn strengthens a more resilient and growth-oriented mindset.

Example: What is a new habit, like exercise, healthy eating, meditation etc that you were REALLY determined to make it happen, you were consistent and now it's a part of your life? This is now 'hard-wired' when it feels good and seems automatic.

3. Stress Reduction and Cortisol Regulation

Positive Affirmations; stress reduction; nervous system regulation

Ever been affected by stress? I’m kidding right.. If you are human, you know how it’s VERY real, especially growing a business, family life, job.. Just doing all the things! Positive Affirmations, particularly those focused on promoting calmness, confidence, and resilience, can help regulate cortisol levels and mitigate the impact of stress on the brain. SO COOL!!

Chronic stress can hinder cognitive function and creativity, both essential for effective business growth. When you make this mindful practice of positive affirmations part of your routine, you can create a neurobiological environment conducive to calmness, productivity and creativity.

Example: When you have been affected by stress, and have tried holistic practice like, deep breathing, sound or meditation apps, a walk in nature, you may notice subtle or big shifts that calm you down quite quickly. This is the result of dopamine rising and cortisol dropping to calm the brain/nervous system. KEEP GOING!!

4. Activation of the Dopaminergic Pathways

dopamine; positive affirmations; happy hormones

Yes PLEASE give me the dopamine on tap right!! Good feelings! Positive affirmations have the potential to activate dopaminergic pathways associated with reward and motivation. When you affirm your strengths, achievements, and goals, you release dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to feelings of pleasure and motivation. YES MOTIVATION!! This has a ripple effect and can boost your energy, drive, and enthusiasm, providing the necessary momentum to keep going in your beautiful business, being super productive and doing it with joy and passion!

TIP: Every night before bed, I have a journal for "the things that went well today". I have a bedtime practice to celebrate the day, I look for 3 things that went well eg, I drank my water quota and exercised; I smiled at all the people I walked past today; I had a referral come into my business today. The POWER of this as your brain is heading into sleep waves is literally rewiring your reward system for MORE!!!!

5. Enhanced Emotional Regulation and Resilience

Positive affirmations; nervous system regulation; heart mind connection for resilience

Positive Affirmations can help with emotional regulation by reinforcing positive ‘self-concepts’  and beliefs. Our business and life is not free of challenges or setbacks, and research has found individuals who regularly practice affirmations tend to exhibit greater resilience and adaptability. Absolutely makes you want to start chanting now right… LOL!

When you have a huge bank of self-affirming thoughts swimming around in your head, you're better equipped to navigate the inevitable highs and lows of entrepreneurship, maintaining your coping mechanisms, motivation and optimism along the way.

EXAMPLE: I can back the 'research findings' up as my own human research laboratory. Affirmations on wall posters, reading from cards and documents, listening to them as an audio file, this has been part of my lifestyle now for over 40 years. I actually started as a kid, when I was a competitive swimmer 'winning the race in my mind', then when the LIVE race came and it played out the way I saw in my mind... touching first and standing on the Winners podium 🏆

Don't skip this essential step....

Finally I want to prep you with the ‘Secret Sauce’. Get into PEAK STATE first. 

Peak what Lisa … ?

Just reading or chanting your affirmations out loud, in the mirror or in the shower may actually be ‘hard wiring’ a positive phrase to an existing negative emotion.

If you are moody, or sad, or anxious while reading positive affirmations, it will NOT work.

The secret is to get into a state of feeling the emotions of love, or joy or fun, so you are raising your energetic match, your internal frequency so the rewiring can occur.

How do you do that?

  • Sit or walk in nature

  • Listen to your favourite uplifting music

  • Cuddle or play with your pet or children

  • Watch a funny show

  • Do your favourite yoga routine

You get the picture. Good feelings immediately start to release dopamine and even oxytocin if we are with those we deeply love.

This is the PEAK STATE you want to achieve each time. You can even be saying the positive affirmations while doing these things, or just after. 

Make sure you download these yummy >> 21 Days of Positive Affirmations HERE that can help enhance your beautiful business and life.. You deserve it!!

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I hope you enjoyed this different aspect to Positive Affirmations, uncovering how it works with these 5 Neuroscience Keys.

1. Reticular Activating System (RAS) Engagement - turn your good 'filter' on

2. Neuroplasticity and Rewiring of Neural Pathways - magnificent benefits in 66 days

3. Stress Reduction and Cortisol Regulation - live is a state of happy hormones

4. Activation of Dopamine Pathways - turn your pleasure centre on to expect goodness

5. Enhanced Emotional Regulation and Resilience - be confident and courageously take action

Adding the final step of being in PEAK STATE of joy, love, funness 🤩

If you'd like support in your business and moving forward with confidence and ease

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