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4 Secrets - How Self Sabotage is Linked to Fear of Success

May 16, 20246 min read

“Eliminate all self doubt and replace it with the full expectation that you will receive what you are asking for.” - Rhonda Byrne


Do you consider yourself an action taker, high achiever, and have BIG desire dreams and goals…. yet you do all the things, take the courses, work on yourself tirelessly and still keep hitting an invisible wall?

You are not alone.

In fact, this ‘pattern’ is common. 

It’s important to know, you don’t have to keep trying to ‘fix’ things, or yourself. You are not broken!! It is possible to overcome self doubt, self sabotaging behaviours and literally upgrade your consciousness to become that success you so deeply desire.

In this blog I will help you understand 4 neuroscience secrets, our emotional patterns (psychoimmunology), the underlying mechanisms driving self-sabotage, that reveals a profound connection to the unconscious fear of success.

1. Conscious vs Unconscious Motivations

conscious vs unconscious tug of war

Before I became an entrepreneur, I had a career in Medical Science. One of the reasons I went into this profession was to figure out my own health problems. I had been an abused child... and adult, and I found myself on a slippery slope of catastrophic autoimmune diseases and multiple surgeries, and no matter how much I practiced health, I had no solution.

I was a driven, high achiever, would make progress, then somehow find myself back to where I didn’t want to be.

Aghhhh so frustrating!!! Can you relate to this feeling?


Then it hit me!

I had been introduced to the ancient practice of metaphysics as a teen through a martial arts club, followed by a profession of understanding the brain and body connection and disease, AND THEN in my quest for answers, life introduced me to the mentoring world of high level personal development and upgrading my consciousness and recoding my ‘unseen’ belief system. 

While my conscious desires pursued success, my unconscious programming from my abuse growing up was the hand brake… and I didn’t even know it!

You see, at the core of self-sabotage lies the intricate interplay between conscious intentions and unconscious motivations. While our conscious mind may be set on accomplishing goals and reaching new heights, the unconscious mind operates on a different wavelength, often driven by deeply ingrained beliefs and fears that fly under the radar of conscious awareness.

2. Our Brain's Emotional Centre

brains emotional centre feeling overwhelm

One of the key players in the ‘mindless chatter’ of unconscious of self-sabotage is the limbic system, often referred to as the brain's emotional centre. Within the limbic system, is the amygdala and it  plays a pivotal role in processing emotions, particularly fear and anxiety. 

Let me give a common example I saw in thousands of clients in my previous holistic health business. You may relate to this as well. If you have ever tried to get in shape.. started a new diet or fitness plan and had a level 10 enthusiasm to dive in and make it work this time… but after a few days, your body has sore muscles in places you didn’t know could get that sore. Your tummy is rumbling with hunger, your friends want to go out for pizza but you are on a diet and you start to have doubt creeping in if you can really do this?

It didn’t work last time, do you really want to try again?

THIS here is the unconscious programming throwing the hand brake on. When we step out of our ‘comfort zone’ .. in this case the prospect of success in your new body shape, the amygdala may perceive it as a threat to the status quo, triggering a cascade of fear-related responses (hormones) that culminate in self-sabotaging behaviours.

We are literally ‘addicted’ on a cellular level to these hormones of stress and fear. This is why it is so hard to change. This is the proven neuroscience world of epigenetics!

3. Overcoming the Self-Doubt Monster

thoughts feelings emotions overcoming self-doubt

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but you are in control. 

You create your reality by the following neuroscientific phenomena. Your thoughts, create your feelings, which then create the way that you think which then dictates your decisions, your decisions create your life. 

The unconscious fear of success often stems from deeply rooted beliefs and narratives about our self worth and competence. It’s all about self identity.

Even if you change your thinking and change your mind, you've still got this feeling that boils up to the surface in a nanosecond, when you are about to step out of your comfort zone. This is a survival mechanism your brain is wired to do.. EVERY single time. Your cells became addicted to a certain feeling that you’ve been unconsciously practicing  now for 10, 20 or 30 years or more…

It’s not your fault!!

These beliefs, forged through a complex interplay of early life experiences, societal influences, and cultural norms, serve as the silent architects of self-sabotage, shaping our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in subtle yet profound ways.

The answer to overcome this?

Recode your unconscious belief system.

4. How to Recode your Belief System

rewiring new belief system neuroscience and epigenetics. thoughts create feelings that changes gene expression

This ‘rewiring’ process is rarely taught.

Instead, we take courses, do affirmations (the incorrect way), do lots of different healing modalities (remember you’re not broken), chant, rub oils, use crystals, listen to personal development and so on.

None of this is wrong… in fact, you’ll probably learn some great tools and knowledge, but rarely does it ‘epigenetically’ change our cells.

Rewiring your brain (neuroplasticity) is a specific process to upgrade your brain to think differently in a powerful creative process, not fall back into the fear based response. So when you change your thoughts, even the unconscious ones, you create positive hormones that creates empowering feelings (emotions) that will enable you to make better decisions that move you forward towards your goals and dreams. 

I have been teaching this for over 20 years and have seen my clients go from:

  • chronically depressed to happy and loving life

  • shy and afraid to be seen, to being a sought after speaker online

  • immobile and unfit, to running ultra marathons

  • a yoyo dieter, to in love with their healthy toned vibrant body

  • living pay check to pay check,  to being financially independent

The deep recode process is a specialized technique that I invite you to reach out to if you would like to learn more.

As a free gift, I have a New Life Chapter Meditation for you to download. This touches on the recoding process and is a beautiful uplifting experience that also allows you to completely relax into a wonderful vision of your future, and release the worries of your day. 

You can DOWNLOAD HERE >> New Life Chapter Meditation


remove limiting beliefs. be a powerful manifester

By understanding we can change our brain, to change our feelings, that changes our decisions, you can now see it is possible to rewire the self sabotaging habits we have, that have been underpinned by a fear of success.

  • Our Conscious desires are overwritten often by our unconscious programming that occurred many years ago 

  • Our brain's emotional centre (limbic system - amygdala) has a mission of ‘survival’ that is more powerful than our desire to change. Fear of success can trigger the amygdala's threat response, leading to self-sabotaging behaviours.

  • To rewire our brain for success is a recoding process of our unconscious belief system through the process of neuroplasticity and epigenetics.

Don’t forget to get your free gift New Life Chapter Meditation >> DOWNLOAD HERE

Watch the short video here as Lisa explains the self-sabotage patterns in the fear of success



Lisa x

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