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"One of the Greatest Gifts you can give

to anyone is the GIFT of your

Attention" - Jim Rohn

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My mission is to Guide 1 Million People Obsessed with Purpose to go BEYOND ORDINARY

ACTIVATE your highest potential

in business, leadership, love, creativity & financial independence

to help Change the World and create Legacies for our Children.

You were born to shine! Let's DO this TOGETHER!

Lisa teaches a unique and Powerful fusion of Neuroscience & Quantum Tools combined with Ancient Wisdom to Recode the Subconscious so you become a Superconscious Creator!

Methodologies & Tools I use:

✨Business, Leadership & Money Principles:

combining the natural laws of nature with business & success and how to leverage the pure potentiality of the Universal Laws

Energetic Alignment:

Using principles of metaphysics & energy healing to release blocked energy, activate new energy & align body, mind, & spirit for Quantum growth

Access your Higher Self/Trust Self:

I help you access your highest potential by accessing your True Self and getting clarity on your life path & purpose

Nervous System regulation:

to help you move out of the fight-or-flight response daily & take aligned actions

Subconscious Reprogramming

powerful combinations of breathwork, energy activation and progressive meditation to access your subconscious for transformation

Inner Child Integration:
bringing the latest research & practices on healing your Inner Child, as well as unlocking your creativity & intuition

Recalibrate Limiting Beliefs & Identity

including Shadow Work

Learn how to clear blocks from your body, anchor in the new vision & version of yourself.

Practical Information:

A Mindset of Abundance:
When you invest, have a mindset of abundance. Make an intention for the money & effort to return to you many-fold.

Online sessions:

My sessions are online unless there is an opportunity for a LIVE meeting.

Working over time:
I work with clients over time. A method of 'stacking' is the way to rewire the subconscious patterns. Single sessions are also available & can be counted towards a package. Yet, consistency & practice are essential.

Embrace Rest and Integration:
I recommend setting aside time, daily, when you can do self-care. Whether it's meditation, moving your body, being in nature, or writing. This time is necessary for change. The mouse wheel will keep you stuck.

Open Communication:
Communication is central to your success. Keep me in the loop about your progress & questions. Communicate between sessions via portal or email hello@lisamarree.com

Refund Policy:

Sessions are non-refundable. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to assess the fit, ask questions, and learn about the offers. Email hello@lisamarree.com for the 15minute booking link.


Beyond Ordinary

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Business & Energy

in 30 Days!

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You understand Mastery.

You are driven to fulfil your Higher Purpose

You're prepared to do the work to Transcend

to become the Leader you need to turn your Dreams into an Unlimited Reality.

I'm your High Performance Mentor

for your Brain. Let's Rewire & Recode!


  • Learn to break through all barriers and plateaus

  • Align your Higher Energy with your Vision

  • Become a High Performance Leader

  • Discover how to be a Powerful Manifester

  • Be the World Changer & Legacy Maker you were born to BE!