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7 CEO-Level Mindset Shifts to Up-Level your Heart-Centred Business

February 04, 20247 min read

“Your greatest fear is not that you're inadequate. It is that you are powerful beyond measure.” - Maryanne Williamson


When you are ready to launch your beautiful business, you don’t get told about one of the MOST IMPORTANT pieces in your business.

How to be a CEO!

You are now a business owner and operator and without this skill, you may run out of ENERGY and MONEY before you get started!!

It’s the foundation of how you show up and take action.

Business is 80% psychology (mindset) 20% mechanics (action).

With that said, lets look at 7 CEO-Level reasons why you should level-up your Mindset today! 💎

Let me set the scene first.

You cannot just dive in with passion and enthusiasm, because there are many moving parts to running a business, and you will run out of energy and money FAST if you don’t work on developing a CEO-Level Mindset from the beginning.

Especially for Heart-Centred entrepreneurs, a CEO-Level mindset will help you overcome the obstacles of running a business, so that you can take your business to the next level, not just in terms of profit but in building a brand that truly resonates with your values and attracts a loyal community?

Well, you're in the right place, getting a no BS, no fluff truth from my 20 years as a multi-six figure entrepreneur.

Straight off the bat, building a million dollar business is NOT EASY!! Now, your goals may not be to build and scale into the millions, and that is perfect for you!! This still applies to any business owner, so you have some tracks to run on.

Today, we're diving into seven key topics that will not only shape your mindset but also set you on the path to becoming a recognized brand, an authority in your niche, and a strong leader.

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1. Foundations of a CEO Mindset

Women CEO; Women Leadership; women in business

First things first, let's talk mindset. I ALWAYS start here, because it’s not about the HOW TO.

Understanding the essence of a CEO mindset is like giving your business a sturdy foundation. It's about embracing challenges, identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs, and fostering a growth mindset. Think of it as the bedrock that supports the weight of your ambitions. When you approach your business with the confidence of a CEO, you pave the way for success.

If you were to think about a fear that keeps coming up about running your business, what would that be?

2. Strategic Vision and Planning

Strategic Vision and Planning

Now, let's paint the big picture. A CEO-Level Mindset looks from an ‘aerial ‘ view. Creating a clear and compelling vision for your business sets the tone for everything that follows. When I first got started in my business… I had a lot of uncertainties, but I did have a BIG GOAL!! Aligning strategic goals with your values and developing a solid business plan are like creating a roadmap to your dreams. Then it’s about prioritizing tasks to ensure that every step you take contributes to that BIG GOAL and VISION. All your decisions should be made with intention (not emotion) and purpose, the secret sauce for a recognized brand.

Who is a trusted colleague you can share your big vision with for some extra brainstorming and accountability?

3. Effective Decision Making

Effective decision making; strategy and planning

Tony Robbins famous quote is “It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”. 

In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, decision-making is an art and a habit. It can also be the achilles heel if you have fears that keep you procrastinating. Implementing a systematic process, balancing intuition with data, and overcoming decision paralysis are the brushes with which you paint your success story. Learning from mistakes? Think of it as a blank canvas, and each decision is a paint stroke for an opportunity for growth. These decisions help shape your brand and establish you as an authority in your niche.

If you have moments of stuckness, get some great ideas from my free guide How to Overcome Procrastination by Building Confidence

4. Leadership and Team Building

Leadership; Team Building;

There are 2 types of leaders. The traditional ‘autocratic’ ego driven leader or a collaborative servant leader. Only one has a positive outcome on the human resource.

To lead is to inspire, and to inspire is to build a positive and empowering workplace culture. Effective communication, assembling a high-performing team, and strategic delegation are the tools in your servant leadership toolkit. 

Many years ago I served in the military. Yes there had to be a strong leader, but as a soldier, no-one gets left behind is a culture. A servant leader doesn't just build a team; they cultivate a family that shares the same values and works towards a common goal. This camaraderie is what attracts a loyal community.

Think about how you can do community / networking activities to build that ‘team’ environment.

You see, it’s about connection, not competition.

5. Financial Intelligence

Financial Management; Money Mindset

A CEO knows their numbers! So should you!!

Your relationship with money is a whole other can of worms, not for today’s topic.

Business is like the seasons, so think of your business as ‘farming’. You will have winters and bumper harvests!! I have experienced all four seasons multiple times. The winters are tough, so prepare!!

Understanding financial metrics, budgeting for sustainability, wise investments, and a healthy relationship with money are the pillars of financial intelligence. It's not just about making money; it's about making informed and strategic financial decisions that support your brand's growth. A financially savvy entrepreneur is a beacon of stability and trust.

TIP: Track your income and expenses. It will keep you in the game!!

6. Time Management and Productivity

Time Management; Productivity Tools

A CEO knows Productive VS Busy!

Time is the currency of entrepreneurship, and managing it effectively will be one of your super powers and will be a game-changer. Prioritizing tasks, implementing productivity systems, balancing work and personal life, and leveraging technology are your tools for mastering time. A heart-centered entrepreneur knows that time spent wisely is an investment in their brand and community.

There are many productivity tools out there like Trello; Airtable; Google; Asana etc. Find one that works for you and try free version to see if you like it.

7. Personal Branding and Marketing

Branding; Brand Strategy; Branding and Marketing

Your Powerful Brand Story is the essence of YOU (in my opinion).

It’s not the pretty colors and graphics. As a Heart-Centred entrepreneur, it is your authentic blueprint and fingerprint. 

When you craft a compelling story, build an authentic online presence, utilize effective marketing strategies, and network for growth, you become a recognized brand, an authority in your niche, and a magnet for a loyal community.

If you feel traditional branding can’t capture the essence of YOU, grab my free Heart-Centred Brand Blueprint HERE


I hope this list gave you some clarity and tracks to run on to make some tweeks and take your business to the next level. 

To summarize the 7 CEO-Level Mindset Shifts to Up-Level your Heart-Centred Business

  1. Foundations of a CEO-Level Mindset - 80% psychology (mindset and belief system) 20% mechanics (action).

  2. Strategic Vision and Planning - Know your GOALS and take an aerial view to see the big picture to plan the journey!

  3. Effective Decision making - make decisions with your CEO pants on, not your emotional hat!!

  4. Leadership & Team Building - Servant Leadership, connection and collaboration equals currency

  5. Financial Intelligence - Track your money, try before you buy and get sound advice!

  6. Time Management - learn to be productive (money making activities) not just busy. Find useful productivity tools.

  7. Personal Branding - A Heart-Centred brand is magnetic, it is the essence of YOU.

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