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6 Rules of Dream Client Attraction

February 11, 20247 min read

“The key to success is start before you are ready.” - Marie Forleo

”How do I make this work?? I am doing all the things.... but I’m still not getting regular clients”?

I feel your pain!! This was me when I pivoted from my 20 years in B2B to online. I spent tens of thousands on marketing courses, social media strategies and Masterminds, and nothing.. No clients… no sales. 

I knew how to run a successful business face to face… so what was missing? 

I decided to ‘stop trying to do it like everyone else’, and started to go back to my basics of what was my authenticity, my unique way whilst following business foundations. This was the game changer allowed me to create clients through ATTRACTION MARKETING instead of spammy hard core scales tactics.

This is for you if:

  • You're all set to take on paying clients and couldn't be more thrilled about the prospect of getting paid for your incredible knowledge... but you have no idea how to attract them, OR you have tried many tactics and got crickets!

  • Instead of trying all the tactics and posting into the cosmos hoping for some sales, you should focus on learning the art of attracting people. Trust me, you don’t need a lot of people in your network to make good income if you have the right people!

Attracting your ideal customers doesn't need to be difficult, but you should be aware of a few guidelines. While you may find some of them easy, others may present more of a challenge. However, if you follow this flow, you will see a difference in your audience and start to attract your ideal consumers!

Ready set go! 6 Rules of Dream Client Attraction.

1. Authenticity to Illuminate Your Brand

Authentic Brand Strategy

Be YOU!! Gosh this is the first important rule. Even if you are nervous, lead with your authentic you. Your dream clients searching for solutions can see through a mask. We are all energy, they feel you. Your beautiful solution may be exactly what they are looking for, so shine bright like a diamond for them. When you are in your genius zone, the magic will happen.

This genius zone should be the essence of your Brand Story. 

Is your message and offer a match to your brand and what you stand for? That is another topic, but once you know this, everything else is so much easier.

Grab my free Heart-Centred Brand Blueprint to help you dig into your deeper purpose!

2. Have a Clear Message & Offer

Content Strategy Creating offers

“Clarity is power” Tony Robbins. 

I don’t know about you, but I need to be ‘in the zone’ when I am immersed in my vision and mission. It’s from that place, clarity moves through you, in an intuitive ‘whisper’, just like I am writing this blog right now!

The first rule is to keep it super simple (5th grader level) and be CLEAR in your message and what you are offering to attract your dream clients. A confused mind does not buy! Trying to pack your marketing with too many ideas or too much information overcomplicates things and creates confusion and it will hijack your sales potential. Don’t try to use fancy words that are meaningful to you in your niche. There have been times I have asked clients..”what does that mean?” Remember that clear is better than clever.

Try this simple framework:

Who you work with. I help/teach/coach/equip  _____________

Their problem/pain point. Who are struggling with ___________________

Your specific solution. to ____________________

Their Happy Ending ______________________

My example: I mentor Heart Centred Entrepreneurs who feel stuck and unseen, equipping you to have BIG Mindset and Energy shifts get visible, upgrade to CEO-Level clarity and action so you can attract ideal clients, multiple your income in 90 days, then scale your beautiful business to $10K and beyond doing what you love and create a legacy. 

If you can express what you do in one clear sentence, you’re on the right track!

3. Show Empathy to Their Situation

Empathic leadership women ceo

Jim Rohn “People don’t care how much you know, they want to know how much you care! Speak to that. 

If you start talking about your product or system, you are missing the ONE THING to connect with your client. HEART.

Make them feel so special, like they are the most important person right here right now with you. 

When you discover your dream clients REAL pain points, you position your offer to speak directly to that pain. When you give a client what they need, it’s a win win. 

4. Build Trust and Credibility

connections; networking; collaborations

Building trust is one of the most important elements in your dream client’s customer journey to working with you. If someone isn’t sure they can trust you, they won’t likely buy. Trust is built by genuine connections, empathy and showing up your TRUE SELF.  When they get to know you, learn from you, see that you know what you’re talking about, and understand how you see the world and approach problems.

There are other ways to showcase trust and credibility, through testimonials, reviews, and media appearances like guest blogs and podcasts. 

HOT TIP FOR NEWBIES: I have built credibility asking for testimonials from free Masterclass attendees, invited myself onto podcasts and lives that I felt knowledgeable in, asked for a review/recommendation from connections on Linkedin who I had built a relationship with. Think outside the box and ask for help from people in your circle.

5. Show up in the Right Places

social media marketing

This is where you really step out of your comfort zone, but PAYS well. If you are not ‘out’ there, your dream clients do not know you exist. My beautiful sister.. Feel the fear and do it anyway!! 5 seconds of courage.

To attract your dream clients, they need to know you exist. Stop hiding!! Put your creative hat on, and learn where your ideal audience is hanging out. 

HOT TIP: I find most dream clients hang out where you were hanging out to solve your PAIN POINT. Go there first and be SEEN so you get on their radar. Start commenting and adding value to other peoples posts etc. How else will you bring your dream clients calling? 

Embrace all the mess ups by showing up in ways you don’t feel ready for, and you’ll move forward faster than you can imagine!

Need to build a little more confidence to show up online? Grab my popular 6 Steps to Overcome Procrastination & Build Confidence HERE

6. Infuse JOY into your Heart-Centred Brand

creative marketing; brand strategy

Joy is a powerful magnet. Sometimes we are so focused on getting it all done and getting it right, that we don’t feel JOY in the process. 

HOT TIP: You will never get it all done, so enjoy the process!!

Yes you are very serious about changing lives, and your business is driven business with passion and purpose, but remember to sprinkle it with joy, fun and play. Let the enthusiasm for what you do resonate in every aspect of your brand. When joy becomes your business buddy, your dream clients will be drawn to the positive energy radiating out of you.


I hope this list gave you some clarity and tracks to run on to make some tweeks and become a human magnet and beacon of light for your Dream Clients.. they are waiting for you! 

To summarize the Heart-Centred way...6 Rules for Dream Client Attraction

  1. Authenticity to Illuminate your Brand

  2. Have a Clear Message & Offer

  3. Show Empathy to Their Situation

  4. Build Trust & Credibility

  5. Show Up in the Right places

  6. Infuse JOY into your Heart-Centred Brand

If you'd like support in your business and moving forward with confidence and ease

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