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Daily Money Making Activities

March 18, 20248 min read

“Money grows on the tree of persistence.” - Japanese Proverb


Do you ever feel you are doing all the things and ‘feel’ for the effort you put in with time, energy assets… doing ‘all the things’ that you should be making more money than what is in your bank account?

Do you feel disheartened, even a little exhausted, overwhelmed and maybe stuck at this point?

Let me tell you, you are not alone!

There may be ‘UNSEEN’ barriers getting in the way.

In this blog, I will not only give you a free awesome Daily Money Making Activities Checklist to download, but I am going to share what I think is a silent assassin affecting so many Heart Centred entrepreneurs to keep them playing small and blocking the BIG money flowing in.

While I’m going through each point, reflect for a moment if this is happening to you, then look at some of the actionable steps included below to overcome them. 

Are Money Blocks Real?

I believe it's a resounding YES!!

How do I know this?

Firstly, I have been in business over 20 years and have seen it first hand, good, hard working people continually hitting an internal ceiling.

Secondly, I suffered this frustrating fate also…. Until I didn’t!

So what stops us from making money in business? 

Our money ‘story’... our self-worth!

Most of the time we don’t even know it’s keeping us stuck…. Until we do!

This is a very deeeeeeep topic with many layers, but simply, the internal "money story" belief system refers to the deeply ingrained beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions an individual holds about money, wealth, abundance, and financial success. 

These beliefs are actually planted in us from a very early age, often shaped upbringing, cultural influences, and societal norms, bad experiences, and they can significantly impact your  financial decisions, behaviours, and relationship with money, and most importantly the flow of money into our life. 

One of my Superpowers is going beyond these external factors, because to change a belief system involves subconscious reprogramming, that is where my Activate Method comes in to totally rock your world!!

So How do Money Blocks Show Up? Here are 5 common red flags!

1. Under Pricing your Products/Services

charge for value of transformation

So how do you know what to charge for your products, services and programs?

You see what other online entrepreneurs are charging, and you feel scared to charge that amount? You get butterflies in your tummy, or it just gives you anxiety…  feeling uncomfortable to charge what you're truly worth? Maybe you've lowered your prices to attract more clients, but deep down, you know you deserve more. This is a classic sign of under pricing due to a fear of asking for what you deserve.

2. Avoiding Sales Conversations

avoiding sales calls

OMYGOSH this made me panic when I first started!!

Do sales conversations make you uncomfortable? Perhaps you find yourself avoiding these discussions all together or feeling anxious when it comes to discussing prices with potential clients. This avoidance can stem from a fear of rejection, self worth or being perceived as pushy (because you always want to please people)

3. Difficulty in Asking for the Sale

difficulty asking for the sale

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” - Wayne Gretzky

Asking for the sale IS a money making activity!! BUT many women I work with freeze asking for the sale. 99.9% of entrepreneurs tell me they are not ‘sales people’. We are so used to giving (one of those subconscious programs for ‘acceptance’) but not very good at receiving. This is a huge money block. This lack of confidence to discuss pricing and asking for the sale will lead to missed opportunities and revenue loss.

4. Inconsistent Financial Management

inconsistent financial management

Are you guilty of procrastinating to track expenses regularly? 

Fear of looking at what is not coming in is a common problem. 

I strongly encourage you to start to track, it may spur you into action because you want to have more money flow in!

5. Resistance to Investing in Growth

resistance to personal & professional growth

Investing in your business's growth is crucial for long-term success, yet many entrepreneurs resist this due to money blocks. Whether it's fear of failure or uncertainty about returns, this resistance will affect both your personal growth and put the brakes on your business's potential.

So now that we've looked at some of the common money blocks (which ones can you relate to?), let's dive into actionable steps to start to work on overcoming them to make progress forward and sustain that growth.

Solutions to shift your Money Mindset

1. Solution for Under Pricing for Product / Service

Sometimes when we are feeling ‘desperate’ to make money in our business, we can be focusing the cost-based pricing, meaning what to charge. 

Try having a subtle shift in Mindset to value-based pricing, explaining the clients transformation working with you! Communicate the tangible benefits and outcomes clients will experience by investing in your services, eg when you join my Mindfulness for Beginners in Business Program you will feel more energy, joy, clarity, focus & confidence to show up as an authority in your niche to attract your ideal clients and boost sales.

2. Solution for Avoiding Sales Conversations

Try ‘Role Playing’ practice sales conversations. Ask a colleague, a trusted friend, a mentor or coach through role-playing exercises. It can actually be a lot of fun.

Actually playing this out LIVE to other people builds so much confidence. I have done this so many times in the beginning, and even though when the REAL client call was happening, it was so good that I had said it many times in practice.

3. Solution for difficulty in Asking for the Sale

There are many ‘sales’ techniques that work, you have to find one that feels the most comfortable. 

That caveat here is if you have deep unresolved ‘money blocks’, this may continue to be an issue until you release the subconscious block.

From a strategy point of view, it’s helpful to attend free workshops / masterclasses or seek coaching to enhance your negotiation skills. 

Also establish clear payment policies. Setting expectations early on can reduce discomfort when discussing payment terms and conditions.

Remember, you have to ASK to get!!

4. Solution for Inconsistent Financial Management

First it’s important to know what’s coming in and what are your expenses. You cannot track, amend and grow what you cannot see.

Make a CEO date with yourself and make sure you have regular financial check-ins to review financial reports, track expenses, and set financial goals. Consistent financial management practices are key to making informed decisions and planning for the future.

5. Solution for Resistance for Investing in Growth

This has ‘Money Block’ flashing in neon lights. This is the opposite to a ‘Growth Mindset’ !

When you have this resistance, that is EXACTLY why you need to invest in both personal & professional growth. Raising your subconscious set point, that inner ceiling will allow you to be AWARE of some deeper limiting beliefs, and to also make room for you to ALLOW space to receive both clients and money into your beautiful business. 

These Mindset Shifts and Energy Shifts are part of the deep work I Guide my clients through in my 1:1 Mentoring Sessions and my group programs to help them take quantum leaps in their business growth and income.

Ready Set Lets Go!!!

happy lady making money

Imagine the fun and ease of business where you confidently price your offerings, engage in meaningful sales conversations, get excited asking for the sale, manage finances effectively and always have money in the back, and embrace growth opportunities fearlessly. This is not just a dream, it's a reality within your reach.

By taking actionable steps to overcome money blocks, you're not only transforming your business but also creating a life aligned with your purpose and values. It's time to step make the shifts, step into your power, unlock your potential, and build the life and business of your dreams.

Every action counts. I believe in you. Let’s go!!

Get your free 15 Daily Money Making Activities  >> Checklist HERE


In this blog, I hope it feels like ‘I understand you’ by pulling back the curtain on a very real challenge in business.  My aim is to inspire and empower heart-centered entrepreneurs to take actionable steps toward overcoming money blocks and building a thriving business aligned with their values and purpose.

We covered how money blocks show up in business plus offered an actionable step to move forward for:

  1. Under Pricing products & services

  2. Avoiding sales conversations

  3. Inconsistent financial management

  4. Resistance to investing in personal and professional growth

  5. Download your free 15 Daily Money Making Activities  >> Checklist HERE

If you'd like support in your business and moving forward with confidence and ease

>> CLICK HERE to learn about private coaching and how we can work together ♥

Our business needs to be integrated just like our coaching is. I understand that our business really is a holistic entity. That's why I use a unique combination of spiritual and energetic disciplines with savvy business strategies, so you can grow a business that lights your soul on fire, gives you the freedom you desire, and adds six figures to your business.

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