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5 Ways to Make your Brand Message Stand Out in 2024

February 18, 20246 min read

“Not everyone is your customer” - Seth Godin


Now that I have your attention with that powerful quote by Seth Godin, I want to slide in the term ‘MAGNETIC’ Brand Message, that is the ‘Stand Out’ feature.

Why does everyone keep talking about magnets??

Magnetic Brand, Magnetic Messaging, Magnetic Offers?

Well, let me put my scientist hat on for a tick.. yes, I really was a Medical Scientist in my past chapters…

A basic definition of magnet: 

A magnet is a piece of metal with a strong attraction to another metal object. The attraction a magnet produces is called a "magnetic field."

So when we use it in terms of attraction marketing in business, you don't have to ‘chase’ prospects and clients, they are irresistibly drawn to you!

Makes sense right?

So many Heart-Centred entrepreneurs I work with are ‘not feelin it’ when it comes to traditional marketing methods. That’s because we are SOUL driven, not profit driven.

Side Note: Charge your Worth!! Of course you ABSOLUTELY DESERVE to make money with your message, because your beautiful business transforms lives!

Navigating the world of business can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it comes to making your brand message truly magnetic. If the mere thought of big visibility, marketing, sales, mixed with self-doubt and lack of clarity has your head spinning, you are not alone! 

That’s why I've put together these 5 ways to add some tweaks and sparkle to help make your beautiful brand message become magnetic so you STAND OUT and be IRRESISTIBLE in 2024.

So lets look at 5 Ways to have a Magnetic Brand Message in 2024!

1. Authenticity speaks louder than words

authentic heart centred brand message

Let’s face it, it’s noisy and busy online in the sea of millions of messages hitting our eyeballs each day. This is number ONE all the way…, authenticity is your secret sauce AND your superpower. You may not feel that way... yet, but trust me my beautiful friend, when you are in flow, you will say YES, this IS my Superpower!

Your Brand is not beautiful without the REAL YOU. Embrace your unique journey, quirks, experiences and all the messy bits.. Your audience isn't just buying a product or service; they're investing in YOU. 

HOT TIP: We overthink what to post…. share the behind-the-scenes moments, the lessons learned, and the victories celebrated, that kind of real life stuff. Authenticity builds trust, and a trustworthy brand is a magnetic brand.

2. Transform Fear into Fuel - Same ENERGY different outcome

building confidence overcoming fear; procrastination

It’s normal to feel like a deer in headlights putting yourself out there. It is a courageous, vulnerable act. But my friend, the cliché is true, success is on the other side of comfort. So feel the fear and heck… just do it anyway!!

Fear of visibility, marketing, and sales is both common and normal, so there’s nothing wrong with you!! What if you could shift your perspective, look at it from a different view point, IMAGINE all that energy fear consumes.. And turn it into fuel for your success? Instead of shying away, lean into the ‘thing’ and say “I GOT YOU” 

HOT TIP: Do one scary thing a day!! I’m serious! That build your confidence muscle in quantum amounts. Break the task down into manageable steps and celebrate small wins. The post you did, the reel you made, the new connection you spoke to. Remember, every big, bold move starts with a tiny, courageous step. Soon, you'll find that fear transforms into a powerful driving force propelling you forward and you actually enjoy it!

If you have not downloaded my freebie to build your confidence muscle, grab it here >> How to Overcome Procrastination & Build Confidence

3. Craft a compelling narrative

magnetic content creation

What does that mean?

Did you ever read a book?

A narrative is a story either fact or fiction.

Your magnetic brand message is more than just words, it's a narrative, a story that captivates hearts and minds. It’s specific and vivid that takes your audience on a visual and emotional journey with you, the ups and the downs. Your brand is a story, tell it.

HOT TIPS: Think of it this way. What inspired you to start your beautiful business? What challenges have you overcome? What has been your transformation so far? A captivating narrative creates an emotional connection, making your brand relatable, memorable and magnetic.

4. Ignite motivation through your message

motivation; mindset; women entrepreneurs

The fact that you started a business means you are amazing! You have purpose. This takes courage!

Your brand message should be a source of inspiration and motivation, that is how your brand story is magnetic. Speak to the aspirations and dreams of your audience. You have walked some rocky road to get here.

Hot Tip: Who inspired you? What inspires you? Now flip it, pay it forward. How does your product or service contribute to their journey?

Be the motivational boost they need. When your brand becomes a source of positive energy, it not only attracts but also cultivates and nurtures a community of motivated souls ready to pay you.

5. Map out actionable steps

social media marketing strategy

A powerful magnetic brand message is incomplete without a clear map for action. What action steps did you take to get here? What are the next steps? Now put that strategy into your vision and planning. Break down your goals into actionable steps. 

HOT TIP: Think about the ‘trail’ map (customer journey). What do you want your audience to do after encountering your brand? Download your freebie, sign up for a newsletter, join your community, jump on a discovery call or buy an offer… whatever it is, guide them with a clear call to action (CTA).

A mapped-out plan ensures that your audience knows exactly how to engage and be a part of your brand's journey, follow you, engage with you, collaborate with you, pay you for the transformation you can provide.


The 5 ways to make your Brand Message Stand OUT!

  1.  Authenticity Speaks louder than words - lead with who you are, that is where you will find your tribe!

  2.  Transform fear into fuel - same ENERGY different outcome - Passion and purpose are a powerful force! Lean into your fear knowing it's part of the journey.

  3.  Craft a compelling message - you have a unique beautiful story to tell, your message is transformational!

  4.  Ignite motivation through your message - what motivated you to get to where you are? Show it.. Tell it!

  5.  Map out actionable steps - a trip without a GPS can have you lost! Don't lose your client with a road to nowhere. Give then the next step. Make a simple MAP (customer journey to start, then build on it).

So just in number 5 above, your next step... LOL..

I think it’s always good to revisit your business and goals every 90 days to make sure you are upgrading your Brand with micro adjustments as you personally grow and expand.

If you feel like you need to refine your Brand Message… your Story and haven’t downloaded my Blueprint on how to craft your beautiful Brand story, you can grab it here >> Heart-Centred Brand Blueprint

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